Lori Jayne Lampson Married Life, Popularity, & More

Lori Jayne Lampson Married Life, Popularity, & More

Lori Jayne Lampson is a low profile woman who got famous when she married Clay Walker. She married Clay Walker in 1992 and divorced him in 2003. So, in this article, we are going to tell you some basic information on her marriage, spouse, family, and her low profile life.

Being A Passionate Wife

We found some sources where Lori was seen kissing her husband in the public. In addition to that, her dressing sense even in public is very hot and sexy. All the photoshoots with her husband and her appearances in the public with her husband Clay Walker were all about fashion, sexiness, and boldness. With this, we have concluded that Lori Jayne is a very passionate wife (now ex-wife in 2024) for his husband.



Lori is a woman with a huge sex appeal and boldness. She has a stunning figure with sexy long hair. Her skin tone is light wheatish and she wears makeup and dresses like any hot lady.

She is a woman who is all about passion and energy in bed. That is the reason why she made some headlines at a local level for being intimate and physical with men other than her husband.

Apart from that, Lori has always been very sexally active and some verbal sources suggest that she has made a record of getting physical with more than 1000 men in bed so far in her life.

Who Is Her Ex-husband?

Lori is the ex-wife of Clay Walker who is a Musical Artist from the USA. he was born on 19 August 1969 and is from TX, USA. His public appearance and dressing sense is all about a real cowboy. Also, his music and appearance in the video songs will remind us of Texas.

Some Notable Publications From Lori’s Ex-husband

His top 20 songs from various albums include:

  • She Won’t Be Lonely Long (She Won’t Be Lonely Long): 2010
  • Live Until I Die (Clay Walker): 1993
  • The Chain of Love (Live, Laugh, Love): 1999
  • Then What (Rumor Has It): 1997
  • If I Could Make a Living (If I Could Make a Living): 1994
  • I’d Love To Be Your Last (Fall): 2007
  • Dreaming With My Eyes Open (Clay Walker): 1993
  • Rumor Has It (Rumor Has It): 1997
  • I Can’t Sleep (A Few Questions): 2003
  • This Woman and This Man (If I Could Make a Living): 1994
  • Fall (Fall): 2007
  • Fore She Was Mama (Fall): 2007
  • Who Needs You Baby (Hypnotize the Moon): 1995
  • Only on Days That End in “Y” (Hypnotize the Moon): 1995
  • What’s It to You (Clay Walker): 1993
  • She Likes It in the Morning (Fall): 2007
  • One, Two, I Love You (Rumor Has It): 1997
  • She’s Always Right (Live, Laugh, Love): 1999
  • Watch This (Rumor Has It): 1997
  • Like We Never Said Goodbye (She Won’t Be Lonely Long): 2010


Lori was married to Cla Walker from 1992 to 2003 and this was the reason why she became a famous woman in the show business. Clay Walker impregnated her several times to make 2 kids- MaClay DaLayne (born in 1996) and Skylor ClayAnne (born in 1999), both girls.