Recalling Memorable Life Of Adelaide Breevort Close

Recalling Memorable Life Of Adelaide Breevort Close

Adelaide Breevort Close was born on 26 July 1908 and died in 1998. Her main occupation was being a Philanthropist but was more famous for being Marjorie Merriweather Post’s daughter. So, in this article, we have gathered some interesting information about the life of Adelaide Breevort Close from various reputed sources.

Why Was Adelaide Close So Famous?

Even though Adelaide didn’t have personal achievements that could possibly earn her unique respect, she was more famous because of her filthy rich mom Marjorie Merriweather Post. In addition to that, her father Edward Bennett Close was also a successful man with hefty income.

Even Adelaide’s siblings were all famous and super rich, which means that Adelaide belonged to a very successful, powerful, and rich family that has secured her place in the history of interesting people.


Marjorie Merriweather Post: Adelaide’s Mom

Adelaide’s biological mom Marjorie Merriweather Post was an American businesswoman who was born on 15 March 1887 and died in 1973. Her main occupation was being the owner of General Foods Corporation. Her company was on the top of the heights and resources say that Adelaide’s mom Marjorie was the wealthiest woman of the United States during her time. This is why Adelaide is so famous for being the daughter of this richest woman of her time.

She was a woman who enjoyed sleeping with random men and was highly active in sexual activities. She married 4 times in her life and her husbands include:

  1. Edward Bennett Close: 1905 to 1919
  2. Edward Francis Hutton: 1920 to 1935
  3. Joseph Edward Davies: 1935 to 1955
  4. Herbert A. May: 1958 to 1964

Edward Bennett Close: Adelaide’s Dad

Adelaide’s biological dad Edward was a stockbroker but her wife Marjorie was richer than him. Adelaide’s dad was also mostly recognized because of her wife. Adelaide’s dad Edward was born on 23 January 1882 and died in 1955. Even though Adelaide’s parents were together for a long time, they got separated in 1919. Their marriage tenure was from 1905 to 1919 and this was the time when Edward impregnated this wealthiest woman several times to make 2 kids- Adelaide and Eleanor Post Hutton. His list of wives include:

  1. Marjorie Merriweather Post: 1905 to 1919
  2. Elizabeth Close: from 1920 onwards

Who Were Adelaide’s Siblings?

The history of Adelaide’s siblings is quite confusing since her mom and dad both married several times and made kids with all of the spouses. Still, here is one of the most confusing lists overall:

Dina Merrill

She was an American actress and a half-sister of Adelaide. Dina Adelaide shared a common mother but different father, which means that their mother was impregnated by different men.

William Taliaferro Close

William became a surgeon and a half-brother of Adelaide. They had a common father but different mothers.

Edward B. Close Jr.

He wasn’t very popular and lived a low profile life overall being a half-brother of Adelaide. Adelaide and he had a common father- Edward Bennett Close and different mothers.

Eleanor Post Hutton

Eleanor was an American socialite and the only real sibling of Adelaide. Both were from the same mom and dad.


While Adelaide wasn’t much of her own, she became the daughter of the richest woman in the history of America and got famous forever. She had just one real sibling, while all the siblings were from different parents.