Samaya Hoover Lesser Known Facts, Low Life, Secrecy, & More

Samaya Hoover Lesser Known Facts, Low Life, Secrecy, & More

Samaya Hoover is a very secret celebrity girl child of Larry Hoovers. She lives a very secret life and is totally away from the paparazzi, even if she is a celebrity kid. In this article, we will be telling you about some people revolving around Samaya Hoover’s life.

Who Is Samaya Hoover?

Samaya Hoover is the daughter of a street gangster and the founder of Chicago street gang. She is better known to be the daughter of Larry Hoover, who is the gangster that we are talking about.


Living A Very Low Profile Life

Samaya has always been living a very low profile life and makes sure that she stays away from the public’s attention, especially the media. Being a daughter of a famous gangster has made her a celebrity kid but clearly, she hates being his daughter, which is why she never speaks about her dad to the public.

Samaya is working hard to lead a simple and ordinary life that every American girl lives. She attends her school and focuses on her normal lifestyle.

Who Are Samaya Hoover’s Parents?

Samaya Hoover is the daughter of Larry Hoover and Winndye Jenkins. Her mom is rather a simpler woman just like her daughter but her dad is a very famous person and still alive as of 2024.

Samaya’s Dad: Larry

Larry Hoover is married to Winndye Jenkins and is the founder of a criminal enterprise. He is one of the most sinister men that we can think of in the modern era. He is the man who has constantly kept himself engaged in criminal activities on a full-time basis that included every crime, including murders. Not just one, but countless murders.

Samaya’s Mom: Winndye

Winndye Jenkins is the biological mom of Samaya and she is known to have a masculine personality. But that didn’t keep Larry (Samaya’s dad) from enjoying this lady in bed, which ultimately made her pregnant so many times. As a result of her multiple pregnancies, Samaya and her siblings were born.

Who Are Samaya’s Siblings?

  1. Larry Hoover, Jr.: He is a famous person who is quite active on social media and a supporter of his dad. He thinks that his dad is right and he has been sentenced for a life imprisonment on wrong terms. His Instagram bio states “Free My Father” as of 2024.
  2. Tyree Hoover: This is one of the most low profile siblings that Samaya has.
  3. Larry “Lil Larry” Bernard: He is another low profile sibling of Samaya.


We found that Samaya and her other siblings are all low profile and there is a good reason behind that. They are all kids of a very notorious gangster who is a kingpin. Such a person has endless enemies who would love to harm Larry’s family. Therefore, Samaya and other kids are always low profile and live in the public as if they don’t know who is Larry Hoover. However, one kid Larry Hoover Jr. is one kid about whom everyone knows that he’s the son of Larry. Perhaps he has followed his father’s footsteps.