Lael Rose Hill Celebrity Kid Life, Parents, & More

Lael Rose Hill Celebrity Kid Life, Parents, & More

Lael Rose Hill was born on 9 August 2007 and is popular for being Grant Hill’s daughter. This celebrity kid has got a lot of love from her parents since her childhood, which is why they took it to the social media on the same day when she was born.

In this article, we are going to explore celebrity kid life of Lael, learn about her parents, and try to predict her future possibilities.


Being a Celebrity Kid

Lael is a celebrity kid born to Tamia and Grant Hill.


She is a Canadian singer-songwriter with countless hits in her name. Her top 20 notable works include:

  • So Into You (Tamia): 1998
  • Careless Whisper (Tamia): 1998
  • This Time It’s Love (Tamia): 1998
  • Who Do You Tell (Tamia): 1998
  • Loving You Still (Tamia): 1998
  • Never Gonna Let You Go (Tamia): 1998
  • Falling for You (Tamia): 1998
  • Rain on Me (Tamia): 1998
  • Imagination (Tamia): 1998
  • Missing You (Set It Off): 1996
  • Stranger in My House (A Nu Day): 2000
  • If I Were You (A Nu Day): 2000
  • Tell Me Who (A Nu Day): 2000
  • Love Me in a Special Way (A Nu Day): 2000
  • Officially Missing You (More): 2004
  • Still (More): 2004
  • Into You (More): 2004
  • Smile (More): 2004
  • Poetry (More): 2004
  • Tomorrow (More): 2004

Grant Hill

He is a professional sports athlete and an American basketball small forward. He was born in 1972 and married Lael’s mom Tamia in 1999. Since the, their married life is active and healthy as of 2024.

Does Lael Have Any Siblings?

Yes, Lael has only one sibling- Myla Grace Hill who was born in 2002.

Biography Of Lael Rose Hill

If we want to describe how Lael looks like- she has a dark skin tone with a bulky bust. Most of the time she keeps her hair tied and keeps her hair short to medium length. She usually appears in a rather more masculine form than being completely feminine.

Career Details

We couldn’t find any career detail of Lael but according to some images of her, she is more into sports than in the show business. We have spotted her playing football and basketball on some occasions.

What Can We Predict About Her Career Future?

We can surely say that she is working hard towards making a career in sports. Perhaps she will take it to a professional level, where she might play for a team for a couple of years and then start coaching young enthusiasts. But that is all a prediction.


Lael’s mom is a professional singer and for a child to follow this field, they need to have excellent vocal skills, beautiful voice, a sharp mind to memorize lyrics, and attention to details. Most importantly, they need to have an interest in this field. Even if Lael is interested in following her mom’s footsteps, she still lacks other skills that we have listed. Perhaps this is the reason why she is more into sports than an artistic field in terms of profession.