Dream Alijha Iverson Celebrity Kid Status, Family, Popularity, & More

Dream Alijha Iverson Celebrity Kid Status, Family, Popularity, & More

Dream Alijha Iverson was born on 7 October 2008 and is a popular celebrity kid for being Allen Iverson’s daughter. While she is a celebrity kid, she is still a low profile girl who is out of limelight as of 2024. In this article, we are going to tell you all about Dream Alijha and her family details along with her future predictions.

Who Are Dream’s Parents?

She is the younger daughter of Allen Iverson and Tawanna Turner. Her dad Allen Iverson is the main reason why she enjoys a famous life since her childhood.



  1. When Dream was born, her dad Allen started making headlines for becoming dad for the fifth time.
  2. None of the family members of Dream have a famous person. Only her dad has made everyone famous in their family.

Dream Iverson’s Siblings

We found that Dream has a lot of siblings from the same parents.

  1. Messiah Lauren Iverson: She is a low profile girl child and a sibling of Dream Iverson who was born in 2005. We can find her on Instagram, though.
  2. Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson: This sibling of Dream was born in 2003 and lives a low profile life just like any ordinary guy. He is also active on social media platforms.
  3. Tiaura Iverson: She is a sibling of Dream and has a rather more beautiful and feminine features with sexy makeup and lustful face. We have found that she wears a long wig of high density, usually in black and loves to keep her eyebrows high arched with false eyelashes that add to her femininity.
  4. Allen Iverson II: This sibling was born in 1998 and lives a low profile life overall.

Dream’s Mom

Tawanna Turner is the biological mom of Dream and a mother of 5 kids. Making so many kids means she was impregnated so many times. Some sources suggest that being a mom of 5 doesn’t bother her and she enjoys being a mom. She embraces her motherhood and she is willing to have more kids if it was possible.

Dream’s Dad

Allen Iverson is the biological dad of Dream and was married to her mom Tawanna from 2001 to 2013. He is a retired American basketball shooting guard who now enjoys his time with 5 of his kids. Even if he is divorced, he still spends enough time with all his kids and he embraces his fatherhood according to some reports online.

How Old Is Dream Alijha Iverson?

We don’t know her exact date of birth but we do know that she is the youngest of all 5 kids. Assuming that the second last kid of Allen Iverson is about the age of a young adult or late teenager, we assume that Dream should be about the age of a teenager or a kid and not more than that.


We can conclude that Dream is a young girl who has 4 more siblings. Even though her parents are separated, they still cherish being parents of these 5 kids. She is a low profile girl, who is yet to start her life and stand on her feet.