Enid Arden Span Life & Death Events, & More

Enid Arden Span Life & Death Events, & More

Enid Arden Span was born on 27 June 1954 and died in 1997. She was a simple lady who became famous for being Jackie Jackson’s ex-wife. In this article, we are going to tell you all about Enid, her life, and her death events.

A Woman Who Lived On Simple Terms

Enid was an extremely simple woman who led a very simple lifestyle before marrying a famous person. She was born to a very ordinary couple and attended her school and made a career after her academics.


A Turning Point In Enid’s Life

Enid’s life saw a turning point when she met Jackie Jackson, who is an American singer and songwriter. He was born on 4 May 1951. But we don’t know how this lady from a non-showbusiness background met a star and married him.

Another turning point in Enid’s life was when Jackie Jackson divorced her.

Peeking Into Enid’s Married Life

Enid was a simple and ordinary girl. Even though she married Jackie Jackson and he made her pregnant several times, it doesn’t mean that her married life was always exciting. It’s true that getting pregnant from Jackie Jackson proves that she was satisfied in bed and enjoyed sleeping with him. Her sexual life was very romantic, passionate, and exciting.

A Physically Abusive Marriage

Enid’s marriage was rather more physically abusive than sexual pleasures. Jackie Jackson was a man who continuously abused her wife Enid physically, which forced Enid to file divorce multiple times. The last time Enid filed divorce, she stated that Jackie’s physical abuse and violence on her has been all time high.

Perhaps A Forceful Romance In Bed

We suspect that when Jackie started getting abusive and physical with Enid, she no longer enjoyed her sexual pleasure with Jackie. It was Jackie who kept enjoying Enid’s body because Enid had a really beautiful body with a high sex appeal.

Enid’s Cause Of Death

We found that Enid died on 20 December 1997 at an age of just 43 years. The cause of her death was brain aneurysm.


So, if we have to describe how Enid looked- she rather had a dark skin tone with a beautiful smile and teeth. The most amazing feature of her body was her sexy hair. Enid was known to carry medium hair length that were usually kept till her shoulder length. She had side swept bangs most of her life and had fluffy hair like a butterfly haircut wavy wolf cut.

Enid’s Unfortunate Marriage

In the 1980s, a few years before Enid’s divorce, it was found that her husband Jackie Jackson was having an extra marital affair with Paula Abdul and this affair got a wide coverage in the media. We can describe her as a brunette with a very sexy hairstyle. We don’t know how Enid might have felt but we can assume it cannot be easy for her.


Enid was a simple woman and judging from her married life and cause of death at a very early stage, we can say that she must have suffered a lot in her life overall. She did have some good memories, but most of her life was in misery and challenges.