Dominique Mctyer: Career, Net Worth, and Family

Dominique Mctyer: Career, Net Worth, and Family

Christian influencer Dominique Mctyer is a social media star who has shared spiritual wisdom. Her mission? Leading the young people down the right path. This article covers all you need to know about her, including her early life, career, and husband. Without any further ado, let’s delve right into it.

Early Life and Family

Growing up amid Hollywood glitz was no ordinary childhood for Dominique. Imagine rubbing elbows with celebrities, attending red carpet events and experiencing showbiz at its finest. These shaped her outlook and goals.

Her lineage reflects business acumen (courtesy of her successful businessman father George Santo Pietro) and artistic ability (courtesy of her actress mother Linda Evans).


Educational Background

While specifics about Dominique’s formal education remain elusive, her familial connections probably gave her insights. Perhaps she learned life’s most valuable lessons outside of school.

Personal Life

Dominique Mctyer, then 29, married gospel star Deitrick Haddon. Together they have a 1 year old daughter named Destin.


Dominique’s public career is understated but effective. She was the Interim Executive Director for almost nine years at Watertown Cable Access Corp (WCA-TV). The best contributions sometimes come from the shadows.

Net Worth

Details regarding Dominique’s net worth are unknown. But her family background suggests financial security and resources. Maybe her wealth is not in dollars but in lives she touches.

Online Presence

Unlike the influencers flooding our feeds, Dominique has a light touch on the digital front. She values substance over flashy likes and retweets.

Her Husband, Deitrick Haddon

Deitrick Haddon is a versatile gospel artist. He’s a songwriter, music producer, pastor and actor as well as an impressive vocalist.

Haddon was born in Detroit, Michigan on May 17, 1973. In 1996, he married Damita Chandler and co-pastored his father’s church for a while. However, the couple later went their separate ways in 2011. Deitrick later got married to Dominique McTyer with whom he leads the Hill City Church in Los Angeles. Together they have 3 kids.

Haddon started out singing in the group “Church on the Moon”. His solo success established his place in gospel music. He writes songs and produces music.

Although estimates of his net worth differ, Haddon has certainly made money in his career. His music sales, performances and role as senior pastor make him a very rich man. And he’s also acted in films like “The Fallen” and “Blessed and Cursed.”

Deitrick Haddon has a huge impact beyond music. His ministry as a pastor touches the spiritual lives of his congregation. Haddon remains a major artist in gospel music and ministry combining his musical gifts with his faith.


Dominique Mctyer’s journey involves family legacy, purposeful contributions and stepping back from the spotlight. She reminds us that impact need not be loud – it can be whispered through meaningful actions.