Alex Sosnowski: The Journey of a Weather Pioneer

Alex Sosnowski has made a significant mark in the meteorological field as a senior meteorologist at AccuWeather, joining the company in 2000 and earning a reputable standing through his extensive career. With over three decades of experience by 2024, he has contributed profoundly to weather forecasting, earning accolades including the National Weather Association’s Public Service Award for his expertise.

His current role as the Expert Senior Meteorologist and Senior Vice President of External Affairs at AccuWeather encapsulates his responsibilities ranging from providing critical forecasts to managing key external communications and partnerships. Sosnowski’s insights and predictions have been sought after by major media outlets, highlighting his status as an esteemed figure in meteorology.

Early Life and Inspiration

Alex Sosnowski‘s fascination with meteorology ignited during his childhood in the 1960s, amidst the dramatic snowstorms sweeping across the Northeast. This early interest was deeply personal and profoundly shaped by the environment around him. Notably, a severe thunderstorm in Weatherly, Pennsylvania, which struck his aunt’s house with lightning twice, left a lasting impression on him.

Significant Weather Events

  1. Hurricane Agnes, 1972: The devastating impact of Hurricane Agnes, which led to the destruction of his family home in Kingston, PA, by the swollen waters of the Susquehanna River, further intensified his interest in weather phenomena.
  2. Black Ice Incident, Early 1980s: A perilous encounter with black ice on Interstate 80 solidified his resolve to pursue a career in meteorology. This incident underscored the unpredictability and danger of adverse weather conditions, reinforcing his desire to enhance safety through accurate weather forecasting.


Alex was notably influenced by several key figures in the meteorological community. Personalities like Elliot Abrams and John Kocet, who Alex listened to on WARM radio in Scranton, along with Dr. Joel Myers, Dr. Joe Sobel, and Mike Steinberg on Weather World in the mid-1970s, played significant roles in shaping his understanding and passion for meteorology.

Through these experiences and mentorships, Alex Sosnowski’s early life was steeped in a deep curiosity and respect for the power of nature, driving him to dedicate his career to understanding and communicating weather to ensure public safety.

Educational Journey and Mentors

Alex Sosnowski’s academic path was deeply rooted in his passion for meteorology, leading him to pursue a degree in Meteorology from The Pennsylvania State University. His time at the university was not just about attending classes; it involved immersing himself deeply in atmospheric sciences. He refined his expertise in critical areas such as data analysis, numerical modeling, and weather prediction techniques, which are pivotal in the field of meteorology.

During his educational journey, Alex was fortunate to be mentored by influential meteorologists who played significant roles in his professional and personal development. Figures like Elliot Abrams, John Kocet, Dr. Joel Myers, Dr. Joe Sobel, and Mike Steinberg were not just mentors but also inspirations that shaped his career trajectory. These mentors imparted valuable knowledge and skills that Alex later used to forecast weather with precision and care.

Recognizing the impact these mentors had on his life, Alex Sosnowski has committed himself to giving back to the community through various educational initiatives. He actively participates in mentorship programs, delivers guest lectures, and engages in outreach activities aimed at nurturing the next generation of meteorologists. Through these efforts, he hopes to inspire and equip young minds with the necessary tools to excel in the field of meteorology, just as his mentors did for him.

Career Highlights and Contributions

Career Highlights and Contributions

Alex Sosnowski’s career at AccuWeather has been marked by significant contributions to meteorology, particularly in severe weather forecasting. His expertise has guided millions through weather phenomena ranging from hurricanes to blizzards. Here are some of the key highlights:

  1. In-depth Hurricane Coverage: Alex played a pivotal role during Hurricane Joaquin in October 2015, where his forecasts highlighted the storm’s potential impact on over 65 million people along the East Coast. His comparisons of Joaquin with past storms like Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Isabel provided crucial insights into the unique nature of each weather event.
  2. Blizzard Analysis: In February 2013, he detailed the severe implications of a major blizzard in New England, emphasizing the travel disruptions caused by the convergence of two storm systems. His reporting was instrumental in preparing residents and authorities for the severe weather conditions.
  3. Agricultural Impact Reports: Alex’s July 2012 analysis of the heat and drought conditions affecting U.S. corn crops underscored the broader economic implications, including potential price hikes for corn-based products and related goods.
  4. Volcanic Eruption Warnings: His coverage of the April 2012 volcanic eruption near Mexico City addressed both immediate dangers and the longer-term risks posed by such natural disasters, helping to inform and prepare those in affected areas.
  5. Educational and Charitable Involvement: Beyond forecasting, Alex is deeply involved in educational initiatives and supports charitable organizations aimed at aiding those impacted by severe weather. His commitment extends from the professional sphere into community service, reflecting his dedication to the broader implications of meteorological science.

Alex Sosnowski’s career is a testament to his profound impact on weather forecasting and his commitment to public safety and education. His work continues to influence both the meteorological community and the general public, ensuring that his legacy as a weather pioneer will endure.

Legacy and Impact Beyond Weather Forecasting

Alex Sosnowski’s influence extends far beyond his direct contributions to weather forecasting. His work has significantly enhanced the safety, productivity, and efficiency in sectors like transportation, construction, agriculture, and sports. By delivering precise and timely weather forecasts, Sosnowski ensures that these industries can operate more effectively, mitigating risks associated with adverse weather conditions.

Personal Quirks and Interests

Alex’s personal life is as colorful as his professional one. Known for his preference for coffee over tea, he also has a fondness for the Dodge Challenger and the iconic Terminator character. These personal quirks make him a relatable figure to his audience, adding a human touch to his expert analyses.

Hobbies and Influences

An avid bowler, cyclist, and tropical fish enthusiast, Sosnowski enjoys a variety of activities that keep him engaged outside his professional life. His favorite meal, lasagna, reflects his simple tastes. Influenced by figures like Eric Heiden and the 7-Eleven Cycling team, and with spring being his favorite season, his personal interests paint a picture of a man deeply connected to dynamic and transformative environments.

Impact on Weather Awareness

Through his ability to simplify complex weather data, Sosnowski has cultivated a global audience that relies on his forecasts for weather preparedness. His dedication not only advances the field of meteorology but also educates the public, enhancing their awareness and readiness for weather-related challenges. His impact is felt worldwide, as he continues to contribute to the safety and awareness of millions through his detailed weather analysis and forecasts.


Over the years, Alex Sosnowski has significantly contributed to the meteorological community through his rigorous and insightful weather forecasts, educational initiatives, and public service. His journey from a curious child fascinated by the dramatic forces of nature to becoming a renowned senior meteorologist and an inspirational figure in the field underscores his dedication to advancing meteorology and public safety. By leveraging his in-depth knowledge and experience, Sosnowski has not only shaped weather forecasting at AccuWeather but has also played a pivotal role in enhancing the public’s understanding of weather phenomena and preparedness.

Sosnowski’s legacy extends beyond his professional contributions; it is also marked by his commitment to mentoring upcoming meteorologists and his involvement in charitable activities aimed at disaster relief. His multifaceted influence on both the meteorological community and the public highlights the significant impact of dedicated individuals in science communication and applied meteorology. As Sosnowski continues to forge his path in weather forecasting, his endeavors serve as a beacon for the importance of accurate, accessible, and life-saving weather information in our everyday lives.