Marilou Covey Recalling Memorable Life

Marilou Covey Recalling Memorable Life

Marilou Covey was a simple and a low profile woman who was famous for being the first wife of Susur Lee. We don’t know when she was born but she died in 1983 in a plane accident.

In this article, we are going to focus on recalling memorable life events of Marilou and people that revolved around her life.

Why Was Marilou Covey Famous?

Even though Marilou Covey was a low profile girl, she became famous when she married Susur Lee, who is a celebrity chef from Canada.

Marriage With Susur Lee

Marilou Covey was the first wife of Susur Lee and Susur Lee was the only husband in Marilou Covey’s life. They married in 1978 till 1983, which was the year when Marilou Covey died.

What Was Marilou Covey’s Cause of Death?

We found that Marilou Covey was traveling in a plane accident. She was a passenger on Korean Air Lines Flight 007. A Soviet Union fighter jet destroyed the plane, which caused the death of passengers aboard, including poor Marilou Covey. This plane crash and death of people like Marilou Covey are some of the saddening events that we can imagine in the books of history.

Who Was Marilou Covey’s Famous Husband?

Susur Lee was the first and only husband of Marilou Covey from 1978 until her death in 1983. He is a Canadian chef and a public figure who has appeared in several TV programs too. The list is as follows:

  • Appetite for Asia: 1998
  • Restaurant Makeover: 2005 – 2008
  • MasterChef Asia: 2015
  • Journey to Japan: Since 2020
  • Nomad with Carlton McCoy: Since 2022

How Was The Life Of Marilou Covey?

Marilou Covey lived a very simple and beautiful life. She was born on June 17, 1949 and died on September 1, 1983 when her flight was shot down by a Russian fighter jet. We don’t even know why the jet fired at the flight.


After the death of Marilou Covey, every person closest to her were in a shock and it was the hardest time in their lives. Her spouse Susur Lee didn’t marry again anytime soon until 1991, which is 8 years after the death of Marilou Covey.

Marilou Covey’s father was one of those persons in the greatest shock and was unable to bear the pain of losing his daughter. He was the person who engraved on her tombstone about her. This action of his proves his kind love towards his daughter Marilou Covey.

Did Susur Lee Married After The Death Of Marilou Covey?

Yes, Susur Lee married 8 years after the death of his first wife Marilou Covey. He married Brenda Bent and had 3 kids with her- Kai Bent-Lee, Jet Bent-Lee and Levi Bent-Lee. So we can say that all these 3 sons became stepsons of Marilou Covey even though she was already dead at the time of their births.


The death of Marilou Covey was very shocking as there was no fault of Marilou Covey that led her to her death. Innocent people like Marilou Covey always have the sympathy of every person whether relative or a stranger when they die like this.