Joel Roux-Neville Life & Death, Profession, Net Worth, & More

Joel Roux-Neville Life & Death, Profession, Net Worth, & More

Joel Roux-Neville was a singer and wife of Aaron Neville, who died in 2007. She lived a beautiful life, and in this article, we are going to tell you about her life, death, family, and all the details revolving around her.

Joel’s Death Debate

We found that Joel died on 5 January 2007. Her cause of death was lung cancer but we don’t know who revealed this detail. But we confirm that she died of lung cancer according to our most trusted sources. We don’t know when she was born, so we could not calculate her exact age at the time of her death. But some news sources suggest that she died at an age of 66, which means she was born in 1941.


Married Life

Joel was married to Aaron Neville from 1959 to 2007 till her last breath. She married just once to Aaron and was impregnated multiple times to give birth to 2 children- Ivan and Jason. We found that she did not have any girl child.


Joel was a singer according to our sources but we could not find any single song under her name and this is shocking. Not even a single song record in her name even after her death.

Joel’s Husband

Aaron Neville was born on 24 January 1941 and was married to Joel from 1959 to 2007 until Joel died. About 3 years after Joel’s death, Aaron married Sarah Ann Friedman and this marriage is still ongoing as of 2024.

Joel is an American singer who has a lot of songs and albums in his name. Some of his notable works include:

  • Tell It Like It Is (Tell It Like It Is): 1966
  • Don’t Know Much
  • Don’t Take Away My Heaven (The Grand Tour): 1993
  • The Grand Tour (The Grand Tour): 1993
  • Everybody Plays the Fool (Warm Your Heart): 1991
  • Can’t Stop My Heart From Loving You (The Tattooed Heart): 1995
  • Brothers (Walkin’ in the Shadow of Life): 2004
  • Forever My Darling
  • I Bid You Goodnight (Warm Your Heart): 1991
  • All My Life (Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind): 1989
  • Yellow Moon (Greatest Hits): 1996
  • Crazy Love (Phenomenon): 1996
  • Goodbye My Friend (Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind): 1989
  • Yes I Love You (To Make Me Who I Am): 1997
  • Close Your Eyes (Warm Your Heart): 1991

Joel’s Husband is a successful man, who has released a lot of notable albums in this career including:

  1. Tell It Like It Is (1966)
  2. Warm Your Heart (1991)
  3. Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind (1989)
  4. The Grand Tour (1993)
  5. Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas (1993)
  6. Devotion (2000)
  7. My True Story (2013)
  8. Bring It On Home… The Soul Classics (2006)
  9. Nature Boy: The Standards Album (2003)
  10. I Know I’ve Been Changed (2010)
  11. To Make Me Who I Am (1997)


Joel Roux-Neville died of lung cancer at an age of 66 years in TN, USA. She was married to Aaron Neville, who is a successful singer with so many albums and songs in his name. Even though Joel was a singer by profession, there are no song records in her name.