Daniel Craig Costner Successful Life Summary, Family Members, & More

Daniel Craig Costner Successful Life Summary, Family Members, & More

Daniel Craig Costner was born in 1950 and is famous because of being Kevin Costner’s brother. Apart from that, he belongs to a famous family, in which every one is in the show business and film industry. In this article, we are going to tell you about this high profile person’s life insights and family members.

Are Daniel Craig & Daniel Craig Costner The Same?

We want to tell you that a lot of people are confused between Daniel Craig Costner and Daniel Craig. While Daniel Craig is a popular English actor who we know from the James Bond movies, Daniel Craig Costner is a totally different person who is from the United States.


A High Profile Person With A Low Profile Life

Daniel Costner is a high profile person who is not in the film industry unlike his other family members and there can be tons of reasons behind it. We don’t even know what this person does for a living but he is for sure not an unemployed man. Maybe he runs businesses or maybe he might be a backstage person or maybe he might be a producer or investor in the movies. Anything can be possible.

Who Are In His Family?

Kevin Costner

Kevin is the brother of Daniel who is an American actor and filmmaker. He is one of the veterans in the film industry now. A few of his movies include:

  • The Untouchables (Movie): 1987
  • Field of Dreams (Movie): 1989
  • Dances with Wolves (Movie): 1990
  • Revenge (Movie): 1990
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Movie): 1991
  • The Bodyguard (Movie): 1992
  • Waterworld (Movie): 1995
  • Open Range (Movie): 2003
  • McFarland, USA (Movie): 2015
  • Hidden Figures (Movie): 2016
  • Yellowstone (TV show): Since 2018
  • Horizon: An American Saga (Movie): 2024

Daniel’s Parents

William Costner

He is the biological father of Daniel and we might know him from some of his movies that include:

  • Dances with Wolves (Movie): 1990
  • Tin Cup (Movie): 1996
  • For Love of the Game (Movie): 1999

Sharon Costner

Sharon was born in 1928 but is not anymore now. She died in the year 1998 and was an American welfare worker and an actress. She was also the biological mother of Daniel and some of her movies that we would love to watch include:

  • Tin Cup (Movie): 1996
  • For Love of the Game (Movie): 1999

Deceased Brother Of Daniel Craig Costner

We found that Daniel has one brother who is now dead as of 2024. Mark Douglas Costner was another brother of Daniel who was born on 17 January 1953 and died the very next day on 18 January 1953. We don’t know how this baby died in just one day. Were there any complications after the birth? Or was the baby was born abnormally? No one knows. Daniel was the only brother at that time but was just about 3 years old. Kevin was born 2 years after the death of Mark Costner.


We can conclude that Daniel Craig Costner is a high profile man and everyone in his family is in the show business and film industry except for him. We don’t know if he doesn’t like this industry or does not have the right skills to fit in this business.