Cheryle Terrell: Family, Personal Life, and Social Life

Cheryle Terrell: Family, Personal Life, and Social Life

Cheryle Terrell is most often associated with the Jackson patriarch, Joseph Jackson. Although personal details about her are scarce, her story is tangled with the rise of the Jackson 5. Her daughter, JohVonnie Jackson is one of the siblings of Micheal Jackson. If you will like to learn more about Cheryle Terrell, continue reading on this page.

Cheryle Terrell’s Personal Life and Family

Public records show Cheryle Terrell dated Joseph Jackson in the late 1960s/early 1970s. That same year, they had a daughter, JohVonnie Jackson. That relationship ended and Cheryle chose to remain private. Although little is known about Cheryle Terrel, her legacy lives on through her daughter, JohVonnie, and the Jackson clan.


Cheryl Terrell’s Daughter- JohVonnie Jackson

JohVonnie Jackson was born in 1974 to Cheryle Terrell and Joseph Jackson. JohVonnie did not grow up in the spotlight like her half-sisters, the Jackson 5. Joseph Jackson reportedly kept Cheryle and JohVonnie’s relationship a secret to prevent the media scrutiny of the Jackson family.

Family Dynamics

Cheryl Terrell’s daughter, JohVonnie Jackson, has received a lot of speculation about her relationship with her half siblings. There have been fewer public interactions documented but reports point to a connection – perhaps with her sister, Janet Jackson.

JohVonnie Jackson Emerging from the Shadows

Recent years have seen Cheryl Terrell’s daughter make a few public appearances. She attended her father, Joseph Jackson’s memorial service in 2018. And she’s been seen supporting her half-sister Janet during tough times too.

A Life of Choice

Cheryle Terrel chose life without fame. Though close to the Jackson clan, she has chosen privacy for herself. She tells of the complicated family dynamics that can surround celebrity life, and the need to respect individual choice.

Who is Cheryl Terrell’s Husband, Joseph Jackson?

Joseph Walter Jackson (1928-2018) was an ambiguous figure, best known as father and manager to the Jackson 5, the 1960s – 70s musical group that changed pop music. His drive and ambition made his children superstars but his methods were harsh and left an impression on the family.

Early Life and Struggles

Joseph was born in Arkansas in the Great Depression, and raised in poverty. He left school to study and support his family members. Music was an escape; he formed a 1950s band with his brother but failed. These early struggles spurred Joseph to work for his children.

A Legacy of Music and Controversy

Joseph’s rigid management style of long hours and corporal punishment made The Jackson 5 international sensations. They and Michael Jackson proved to be a hit worldwide. But Joseph’s methods also damaged his children, causing strained relationships and accusations of emotional abuse.

Later Years and Legacy

But whatever controversy surrounds his parenting, Joseph Jackson has made music. His children’s careers launched him into pop music history. A complex legacy of ambition, drive and the struggle to balance family and fame. On the other hand, Cheryl Terrell do not have a typical live of someone with a family in the spotlight. She apparently chose a life outside the entertainment industry and sought privacy.